Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Apple iOS 8.4 beta is now seeding to registered developers

Less than a week after it released iOS 8.3 to the general public, Apple released iOS 8.4 beta to registered developers. The new firmware brings a redesigned Music application to the Cupertino giant’s mobile platform.

The new Music app for iOS features an all-new, sleeker design, as well as MiniPlayer feature. The latter allows you to control playback while browsing to your music collection.
Recently added albums and playlists now appear on top of the user’s music library. Discovering music via iTunes Radio has also been made easier via hand-curated and featured stations.
The app’s Now Playing interface has been overhauled with larger artwork. Users can also see what song from their library is coming next.
Finally, the new Music for iOS has a Global Search option. It allows users to search for songs and iTunes Radio stations from anywhere within the app.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The 16MP f/1.8 camera of the LG G4 was developed in-house

The 16MP main camera module of the upcoming LG G4 has been designed in-house. The Korean giant’s components manufacturing arm, LG Innotek developed the high-end sensor, which is already in mass production.
LG’s innovative camera unit has a wide f/1.8 aperture. The latter allows the camera to receive 80% more light than the already stellar 13MP snapper found in LG G3.

The 16MP main camera of LG G4 has been paired with an 8MP front-facing unit. The new front-facing camera utilizes a state of the art ultra-thin IR filter.
LG G4 will debut later this month, on April 28. The Korean manufacturer already confirmed that the smartphone will feature a new-generation 5.5” QHD display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 with a new 64-bit chipset

Samsung has been testing an updated version of the Galaxy Tab 4 family for quite some time. TheGalaxy Tab 4 8.0 was the first spotted running a brand new CPU and now rumors about the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 following suit have been confirmed.

The update in question has to do with the chipset. The old Snapdragon 400 is being swapped with a new 64-bit 410 model. While this is no major performance upgrade, the newer silicon is 64-bit, thus futureproofing the device and preparing it for the benefits of a Lollipop update. The rest of the specs sheet remains completely unchanged and so does the price tag. The device still comes with 1.5GB of RAM and a spacious but low-res 10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 pixel display.

This only leaves one member or the Tab 4 family to wallow in the 32-bit realm, but chances are theGalaxy Tab 4 7.0, smallest of the bunch, will be getting the same treatment pretty soon as well. The update will undoubtedly extend the lifecycle of all three devices and might just hint that Samsung isn't planning a new Tab 5 series quite yet.
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Apple's iOS 8.3 is now out for all supported devices

After a few betas for developers and a couple of public beta releases for consumers, iOS 8.3 has been finalized by Apple. The new software version is now in the process of rolling out to all supported mobile devices.
iOS 8.3 brings with it a very large number of bug fixes, but also some new features. Among these is a new emoji picker, new diversified emoji, wireless CarPlay support, two-factor authentication for Google accounts, and Apple Pay functionality enabled for the China UnionPay network.

A few apps have received minor updates too, for example Passbook, Messages, and Photos. Siri got new languages and the ability to make calls via the speakerphone. You can now download free apps without having to enter your Apple password.
Previously, iOS 8.1 brought support for Apple Pay, and iOS 8.2 incorporated all the bits necessary for the mobile OS to work with the Apple Watch. An update to iOS 8.4 could already be in the works, perhaps including Apple's upcoming streaming music service.

The Apple watch might come as late as May for some buyers

If you have been following the developments around Apple's smart wearable, you are surely aware of two important dates - April 10 and April 24. Preorders for the Apple Watch start tomorrow and initial units are said to ship two weeks later. As we recently mentioned, the gadget will be available for in-store pickup, but if you really want to be among the first to get your hands on one, it's all about the timing and preordering online is shaping up as a necessity.

New information, suggest that even if you time everything right and preorder your unit as early as possible, come April 24, you could be set for a major disappointment. It turns out, that on certain online retail stores, most notable in Germany and the UK, shipping dates for different Apple Watch models vary significantly and extend well into May.
This data comes from Apple's official German website, which had delivery estimates posted. It is still unclear if this was an accident or if the story is true for that matter, but a few shots of the market place, seem to have captured the delivery information, before it was taken down. Here is a synopsis of the different Apple Watch models and their expected shipping dates, according to the source:
• Apple Watch Sport: Usually ships "24.04. to 5.8. "
• Apple Watch with modern leather bracelet: Usually ships in "4 to 6 weeks"
• Apple Watch Link Watch: Usually ships in "4 to 6 weeks"
• Apple Watch with leather strap with loop: Usually ships in "4 to 6 weeks"
• Apple Watch with classic leather strap: Usually ships "24.04. to 5.8. "
• Apple Watch with Milanese bracelet: Usually ships "24.04. to 5.8. "
• Apple Watch with Sport Armband: Usually ships "24.04. to 5.8. "
Apple Watch Edition: Usually shipInitially limiting walk-in purchases could have been just one of a broader set of precautions the Cupertino giant has taken to prevent severe stock shortage. In this respect, postponed deliveries, especially outside the US are a definite possibility.s "MAY"
So if you live outside the US and are hoping to get your hand on the new Apple Watch as soon as possible your best bet seems to be to preorder and hope for the best. Also, you might want to steer clear of Apple stores come April 24, as the launch is shaping up to be a crowd-packed mass event of Apple fans.
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